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Paulette V. Armstead for Fl House 2018

About Paulette V. Armstead Democrat for Florida House • District 92

I have a diverse educational and work background. I have college degrees in business, criminal justice, law enforcement and law. Having worked as a Police Officer and then as Deputy Chief of Police for Legal Affairs, I am ready to tackle Criminal Justice Reform.
Having worked in Education as a Professor of Criminal Justice, I understand the issues affecting our children, teachers, parents, schools and colleges. Having worked as an Environmental Attorney, I will be a strong voice in the fight to protect and preserve Florida’s air, water, lands, marine life etc.

Working as a Civil Attorney, I continue to protect the rights of children, families, the disabled and the elderly. As a Small Business Owner and Employer, I am committed to helping our small businesses expand. I will work to attract new, innovative businesses that will bring jobs that will pay workers a fair, livable wage.   


Paulette stands for...

  1. ACCESS TO QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL – Paulette supports policies and programs that ensure that all persons have access to quality, affordable healthcare services. This includes fighting to expand Medicaid.
  2. EXPANDING OUR ECONOMY; PROVIDING JOBS AND JOB TRAINING - Paulette supports legislation, policies and programs that will strengthen and grow Florida’s economy; help existing businesses expand; eliminate unnecessary regulations and provide opportunities for new and innovative businesses that will bring jobs and fair livable wages for our workers.
  3. PROVIDING QUALITY EDUCATION AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - Paulette fights to ensure that all of our children have access to a quality education in safe learning environment; increase our per capita student spending and construction funding to maintain our public schools and colleges.
  4. FIGHTING FOR EQUITY AND EQUALITY FOR ALL CITIZENS - Paulette supports legislation to restore funding and programs for our disabled citizens; support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and other pay equity laws and support the passage of the Workforce Competitive Act to ensure protections of the civil rights of all persons. 

Paulette’s diverse work Experience includes:

  • Over 20 years as an attorney in good standing, including as a court appointed attorney representing children and the elderly in guardianship cases.
  • Serving as Police Officer, Detective, and Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs for the Saint Petersberg, FL Police Department
  • 4 years as an Assistant Attorney for the Florida Department of Natural Resources responsible for protecting and preserving the state's natural resources, i.e., beaches, parks, mining reclamation, fish and sealife.
  • Work as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice for the State University of New York
  • Experience as a Chaplain at a major urban VA hospital 

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